A Study in Fanthropology,
A More Robust Spread

Welcome to The Unconventional Digest.

What you’ll see here is over eight years of continuous toil, for no compensation other than “it needed doing”. Professional journalism and academic integrity have been laughably discarded. Late-stage capitalism has warped the stories and communities that filled us all with wonder, in stupefying directions. Addressing this requires integrity and empirical facts, given dystopian revivals of neofascism, anti-intellectualism, and fifth columnists within corporate interests and echo-chambers.

It’s high time these fan subcultures were treated as cultures, with their own history, and, dare we say, fanthropology. Explore the genesis of this endeavor…

We’ll regularly update our banquet with a variety of topics, from fantasy linguistics to food-anthropology, and editorials on our process in curating this assortment. 

Our catalogue, worthy as it is, is a byproduct – the true asset is the legion of gifted individuals that answered the call. We’ve sourced teams of professionals from across the continent. Let’s introduce you.

To answer the rising tide of corruption and drivel, and restore a foothold of rationality, is no small feat. Holding that line in the sand is going to take armies of collaborators. We’ve brandished the torch. The beacons are lit.