Artifact: Studios

The storied craftsmen that assemble our modern pop culture and their processes. Spanning Paramount Pictures to Rooster Teeth, mainstream and indie.

  • Ballad of the Blue Bomber
  • Some Assembly Required

    Some Assembly Required

    Having poured over the “who,” “what” and “why” of this endeavor, we shift focus inward a bit towards the training, recruitment, revision of process which comprise “how.”

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  • Princess, Prophecy and The Hero of Time

    Princess, Prophecy and The Hero of Time

    If the Mario series is Nintendo’s best-known line of games, the Zelda series isn’t far behind in terms of popularity and critical acclaim. From the NES to the Wii, The Legend of Zelda and its many sequels have rivaled the Mario series in terms of fan love.

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  • Franchise Feature: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  • Blaxploitation Throwbacks

    Blaxploitation Throwbacks

    Representation matters, and how People of Color are represented in speculative fiction and pop culture matters even more. Join a former Naval electrician, father, cosplayer and African American public speaker as we look back at some significant (signifying?) central characters and their contexts.

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  • Mutants and Metahumans, Part 1
  • Mushroom Kingdoms to Galaxies, and Back

    Mushroom Kingdoms to Galaxies, and Back

    This series will examine famous video game series. More precisely, it will trace their evolution and influence on other aspects of popular culture. The first entry in this series will take on aspects from Nintendo’s mascot series, Mario.

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  • Asian Architecture, Italian Plumbers
  • Courting Disaster – Series Conspectus

    Courting Disaster – Series Conspectus

    An overview of otaku and gamer fandoms, their interrelations, and engagement with pop culture. From GamerGate to syncretic mythology, to the underlying social justice issues, this telescopic lens will be aimed through the prism of intersectional feminism that pulls no punches and takes no prisoners. From Amazons to Zelda, we’re going to get gritty with it.

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  • Content May Be Graphic – Series Conspectus

    Content May Be Graphic – Series Conspectus

    An introduction to our look at the graphic design, presentation, artistic rendering, and evolution of the digital artforms of video games and film, with an additional focus on the visual continuity between various cross-media brands and products.

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