Author: Zee Bowditch

  • The Pride

    The Pride

    Welcome back to our post-millennial analysis of the current state of fandom. Today we examine a superhero comic where each character is based upon a gay/queer archetype. The Pride and its efforts at satire may sometimes land flat, but its exploration of diversity and acceptance makes it worth the read.

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  • Ableism, Sidekick Agency and Ageism

    Ableism, Sidekick Agency and Ageism

    Welcome back to our intersectional look at how fandom, feminism, LGBTQ representation and other generational dog whistles are portrayed. Today we look at Bucky Barnes, onetime kid sidekick of Captain America, and both hero and antagonist in his own right with his own resonant internal and deeply personal struggle.

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  • Generation Zee — Who, What, Why is this a thing?