Cracking the Cipher


Geneva Woodmansee was raised in the Midwest where she studied linguistics, world dance, and TESOL; she currently works in project management. A lifelong fan of science fiction, fantasy and media, Geneva spends time exploring the great outdoors whenever she’s not working, reading, or gaming. As a Contributing Editor to both The Living Multiverse, and The Unconventional, we are proud to share Cracking the Cipher, her series on fantasy linguistics and constructed languages.


  • Cracking the Cipher—Series Conspectus

    Cracking the Cipher—Series Conspectus

    A trained linguist and sci-fi/fantasy enthusiast guides us through an examination of the various languages and surrounding cultural effects of numerous ‘constructed’ societies throughout  speculative fiction, from Dothraki to Klingon, with a side of Fus Roh Da!

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  • The Languages of Star Wars

    The Languages of Star Wars

    While some of the 50-plus languages in the Star Wars universe exist only as fun-to-say phrases, others are impressively constructed with consistent phonology and syntax.

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  • The Languages of Dune

    The Languages of Dune

    Dune is a legendary piece of science fiction. Much as Tolkien did for Lord of the Rings, Herbert created several new languages, adding richness to his fictional universe.

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