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Marc Dziezynski has lived a life furnished by art, from ages past to modern forms. He has leveraged this into a storied career in IT, as an Application Analyst for a Financial Technology firm. Some of the fields he has dabbled in include live-streaming, podcasting, blogging, music, art, writing, and game design. He’s also put in his time as a staffer in the local Connecticut convention scene, as well as traveling to others in the area. His professional blog can be found at emptyeye.com


  • D.A.S. Game – Series Conspectus

    D.A.S. Game – Series Conspectus

    It’s time to learn something new about your favorite classic games. Join us for an in-depth review of the history of the various tentpole franchises within classic gaming, all from the unique and learned perspective of a speedrun streamer and professional gamer.

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  • Mushroom Kingdoms to Galaxies, and Back

    Mushroom Kingdoms to Galaxies, and Back

    This series will examine famous video game series. More precisely, it will trace their evolution and influence on other aspects of popular culture. The first entry in this series will take on aspects from Nintendo’s mascot series, Mario.

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  • Princess, Prophecy and The Hero of Time

    Princess, Prophecy and The Hero of Time

    If the Mario series is Nintendo’s best-known line of games, the Zelda series isn’t far behind in terms of popularity and critical acclaim. From the NES to the Wii, The Legend of Zelda and its many sequels have rivaled the Mario series in terms of fan love.

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