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Logistics management professional by day and nerdy superfan by night, Rob Kaba has management skills equally suiting both corporate logistics or tabletop and MMO games. He embodies these roles, providing critical assistance to any endeavor lucky enough to have him. Mr. Kaba’s most well known for his cosplay of “The Dude”, complete with rug, as producer of Steam-Funk Studios’ first client, Cosplay Court Case. His early assistance was critical for both The Living Multiverse and The Unconventional.  


  • Firmware Updated – Series Conspectus

    Firmware Updated – Series Conspectus

    A journey into the nuances, culture and development of the video-game industry and its various practices. Join us on an anthropological examination of the impact the medium has had on business, modern society and its various communities, as guided by one who regularly partakes in its many facets.

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  • What’s Changed About Video Games

    What’s Changed About Video Games

    As we delve anew into our survey of games, society and their effects upon one another, it behooves to have a current “State of Play”. A snapshot of where we are, where we’ve been, and how precisely we got here.

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  • Culture and Gender Norms

    Culture and Gender Norms

    Revisiting the topic of gaming once more, today we look into the evolving tribalism of gaming, gatekeeping and accessibility on multiple fronts. “Power to the Players” should be and is more than just a slogan.

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