Our mission is simple, yet ambitious: to examine these robust media and demographics of ‘alternative’ culture as cultures, to quell the infestation of sub-par content and pandering reducing discussion to banal tribalism for exploitable consumers; to revive a robust, academic space for mature conversations encompassing the many “fandoms” in pop culture; to produce long-form content with robust fact-checking and vetted contributors; curated and presented with high-production visuals, in an accessible online platform. Doing so ethically and with transparency has been our great labor. With trends such as click-bait, ironically dubbed “think pieces”, the deluge of “Top Ten” listicles, and pure fabrication warping journalism in general, we’ve got our work cut out for us.

And that’s before speaking of the contagion of bad faith actors in-industry. Given their reach, some with several million followers, we can’t hope to cut nearly as deep a swath. That’s why we need you. If you’ve shaken your head in disgust at the filth papering our internet, masquerading as fandom journalism or “analysis”, we need your help. There are untold reasons notto do something. There’s one reason worth doing so: it’s valuable, necessary, and sparks passion. If recent history has shown anything, the extent to which we foster community and verity gives us the fandom ecosystem we deserve.  If you were born in the past century or two, one can see the progress inspired by pop culture and science fiction. And you’ve also seen the power of media, when harnessed for dangerous, anti-intellectual ends.

So, join us. None of us is as strong as all of us. We seek writers, editors, and specialists with a passion for the arts and various formerly “niche” markets. Finally, we need readers to ‘tune in’ regularly, and repost these articles on social media, to generate the deep conversations that are being rapidly eroded.

It’s time to be different; to push the water-line back towards rationality, and depth.

It’s time to be Unconventional.

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