Fandom: Castlevania

  • ‘Abandon All Hope’—Akumajo Dracula and Dante’s Divine Comedy
  • Re-Render Bender—Mario to Metroidvania
  • Click-Click, Bang-Bang!

    Click-Click, Bang-Bang!

    Welcome back to our in-depth look at the graphic design and evolution of games! Today we’ll be examining the modern action-adventure title, where the player takes control of the hero, whom is always a force to be reckoned with.

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  • Akumajo Dracula: When Goth Hit Japan
  • Whip Cracks and Bloody Tear-Tracks
  • Where Are They Now—Series Conspectus

    Where Are They Now—Series Conspectus

    An introduction to a slipstream meta-commentary on the evolution and current status of video game franchise icons and how they’ve mutated and grown across multiple platforms! Time is kinder to some than others, and some of these… well, clearly came from a different era. An enthusiast invites our readers on a somewhat more visceral examination than most.

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  • Asian Architecture, Italian Plumbers
  • For Whom the Box Beeps

    For Whom the Box Beeps

    Music does far more than just soothe the savage beasts of our psyche. The sonic experience viscerally brings virtual and cinematic worlds to life. Join us in our examination of the evolution of video game and synth music in tandem with storied and largely influential arrangements used in film and animation.

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