Fandom: Final Fantasy

  • All Around Me Are Such Chibi Faces

    All Around Me Are Such Chibi Faces

    Welcome back to our in-depth look at the evolution and development of graphics in media. Today we’ll be examining the graphical “upgrades” in the remakes of Final Fantasy III, IV, and V, and the remastering of VIII and XII.

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  • Just Really Poking the Goblin (JRPGs)
  • Under a Crystal Sky
  • I Ain’t Your Barbie Girl

    I Ain’t Your Barbie Girl

    The lack of options for female character design can not only frustrate players but can also lead to unrealistic expectations for young people. Sexualization of female characters, impractical armor, and lack of options for avatars can turn off a large section of the gaming population and there is no reason for designers to not do…

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  • Courting Disaster – Series Conspectus

    Courting Disaster – Series Conspectus

    An overview of otaku and gamer fandoms, their interrelations, and engagement with pop culture. From GamerGate to syncretic mythology, to the underlying social justice issues, this telescopic lens will be aimed through the prism of intersectional feminism that pulls no punches and takes no prisoners. From Amazons to Zelda, we’re going to get gritty with…

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