Fandom: Mario

  • Re-Render Bender—Mario to Metroidvania
  • Honorable Mentions: Holding Up Like Atlas
  • Bandicoots and Bad Fur

    Bandicoots and Bad Fur

    Welcome back to our in-depth look at the graphic design and evolution of games. Today we’ll be examining the scope and spread of the first iterations of 3-D platforming/adventure games.

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  • Where Are They Now—Series Conspectus

    Where Are They Now—Series Conspectus

    An introduction to a slipstream meta-commentary on the evolution and current status of video game franchise icons and how they’ve mutated and grown across multiple platforms! Time is kinder to some than others, and some of these… well, clearly came from a different era. An enthusiast invites our readers on a somewhat more visceral examination than most.

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  • ‘Super Mario, this is your Extra Life!’

    ‘Super Mario, this is your Extra Life!’

    Nintendo and its mustachioed plumber stood alone atop the video game console mountain in the ’80s. Then came an upstart, spiky-haired blue hedgehog leading the charge for Sega and its console. In this installment of Where Are They Now? we explore the beginnings of the console war between Nintendo and Sega.

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  • Mushroom Melodies – It’s a Mario!
  • Mushroom Kingdoms to Galaxies, and Back

    Mushroom Kingdoms to Galaxies, and Back

    This series will examine famous video game series. More precisely, it will trace their evolution and influence on other aspects of popular culture. The first entry in this series will take on aspects from Nintendo’s mascot series, Mario.

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  • Asian Architecture, Italian Plumbers
  • Content May Be Graphic – Series Conspectus

    Content May Be Graphic – Series Conspectus

    An introduction to our look at the graphic design, presentation, artistic rendering, and evolution of the digital artforms of video games and film, with an additional focus on the visual continuity between various cross-media brands and products.

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  • D.A.S. Game – Series Conspectus

    D.A.S. Game – Series Conspectus

    It’s time to learn something new about your favorite classic games. Join us for an in-depth review of the history of the various tentpole franchises within classic gaming, all from the unique and learned perspective of a speedrun streamer and professional gamer.

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