Fandom: Marvel

  • Crashing Into the Uncanny Valley

    Crashing Into the Uncanny Valley

    Welcome back to our in-depth look at the evolution of graphics in media. Today we’ll be examining the computer graphics from such films as The Mummy Returns, Wolverine Origins, and X3: The Last Stand, and how they stack up to other films of the same era.

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  • Franchise Feature: Children of the Atom (X-Men)
  • Backlash on the Recast

    Backlash on the Recast

    In an industry where whitewashing is common, casting minority actors in movies based on comics often results in ferocious backlash. What causes this reaction and what does it reveal about fans?

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  • Out of the Shadows

    Out of the Shadows

    Although LGBTQIA+ representation in comics continues to be lacking, there are some great examples of queer superheroes. What makes these examples so important, and what could better representation accomplish?

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  • Movies, Comics, and the New Weird
  • Marvelous, Muslim, and American

    Marvelous, Muslim, and American

    Welcome back to our post-millennial analysis of the current state of fandom. Today we discuss Ms. Marvel, a figure designed to challenge the unfortunate perceptions many have of Muslim Americans today. This graceful comic deals with issues both broad and specific with a unique perspective.

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  • The Mind of a Metahuman

    The Mind of a Metahuman

    What would be the psychological and sociocultural consequences of the emergence of a population of metahumans with a large and infinite variety of traits?

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  • From Quill to Quest Item—Series Conspectus

    From Quill to Quest Item—Series Conspectus

    There’s more to your favorite interactive entertainment than meets the eye! Join us for an examination of video games as a reimagined presentation of tropes from classical theater and text as seen and interpreted through the eyes of an enthusiast of all three.

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  • Some Assembly Required

    Some Assembly Required

    Having poured over the “who,” “what” and “why” of this endeavor, we shift focus inward a bit towards the training, recruitment, revision of process which comprise “how.”

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  • Blaxploitation Throwbacks

    Blaxploitation Throwbacks

    Representation matters, and how People of Color are represented in speculative fiction and pop culture matters even more. Join a former Naval electrician, father, cosplayer and African American public speaker as we look back at some significant (signifying?) central characters and their contexts.

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