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  • The Price of Fan Demand

    The Price of Fan Demand

    Much ado has been made about Disney’s management of Star Wars. Regardless of where one’s opinion falls, leadership has made some inarguably dubious choices. But consumer demand has forced art to contort beyond the writer’s intent before… The famous Sherlock may hold the key.

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  • WTFighter: Powerful Franchises, Terrible Games
  • No Space For Old Pilots – Making the Most of Your Effects Budget
  • Remasters, Recuts and Redubs
  • No Jobe Too Big—The Lawnmower Man
  • The Evolution of MMOs
  • Backlash on the Recast

    Backlash on the Recast

    In an industry where whitewashing is common, casting minority actors in movies based on comics often results in ferocious backlash. What causes this reaction and what does it reveal about fans?

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  • Authors of the Amorphous: Neil Gaiman

    Authors of the Amorphous: Neil Gaiman

    Navigating the Bleeding Edge: Gaiman’s works don’t smack you in the face and tell you they’re “weird and cool.” Instead, they show you their weirdness in a search for meaning. Don’t be surprised if you’re riveted to his works; if Gaiman finds something interesting enough to write about, chances are it’s fascinating, horrifying and breathtakingly…

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  • Fascist Tinted Glasses: The Man in the High Castle
  • Evolution of Queerbaiting

    Evolution of Queerbaiting

    Welcome back to our post-millennial analysis of the current state of fandom. Today we’ll discuss queerbating. While we’ve come a long way since the time where “gay” was a dirty word, even today, pop culture carries unfortunate baggage regarding homosexuality, especially when it comes to women.

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