Fandom: Superhumans

Mutants, cyborgs, metahumans and more. The range of superhuman and heroic fiction, from Olympians, space marines, and mystical benders to capes and tights.

  • Crashing Into the Uncanny Valley

    Crashing Into the Uncanny Valley

    Welcome back to our in-depth look at the evolution of graphics in media. Today we’ll be examining the computer graphics from such films as The Mummy Returns, Wolverine Origins, and X3: The Last Stand, and how they stack up to other films of the same era.

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  • Remasters, Recuts and Redubs
  • Franchise Feature: Children of the Atom (X-Men)
  • Franchise Feature: Gotham’s Dark Knight
  • Backlash on the Recast

    Backlash on the Recast

    In an industry where whitewashing is common, casting minority actors in movies based on comics often results in ferocious backlash. What causes this reaction and what does it reveal about fans?

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  • Out of the Shadows

    Out of the Shadows

    Although LGBTQIA+ representation in comics continues to be lacking, there are some great examples of queer superheroes. What makes these examples so important, and what could better representation accomplish?

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  • Bury Your Gays

    Bury Your Gays

    Many forms of media play into specific troupes. One such troupe is the killing off of LGBTQIA+ characters more quickly than others. When viewers see relatable characters fall to the axe much quicker than others, it seems that their lives are not as important and their stories are only used for emotional plot development. Queer…

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  • Movies, Comics, and the New Weird
  • Evolution of Queerbaiting

    Evolution of Queerbaiting

    Welcome back to our post-millennial analysis of the current state of fandom. Today we’ll discuss queerbating. While we’ve come a long way since the time where “gay” was a dirty word, even today, pop culture carries unfortunate baggage regarding homosexuality, especially when it comes to women.

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  • Bats, Bullet Casings and Questions

    Bats, Bullet Casings and Questions

    Welcome back to our post-millennial analysis of the current state of fandom. Today we’ll be exploring Batwoman, an enduring lesbian icon for good reason. This article will explore her impact on both queer media and the larger sphere of pop culture.

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