Fandom: Tabletop

From boards, or cards, controlling orcs or bards, this is where they land. From RPGs and TCGs, to Beer and Pretzels’ ease. We who are about to roll salute you.

  • Play it Loud—Series Conspectus

    Play it Loud—Series Conspectus

    Fandoms haven’t always been the most welcoming to outsiders, ironically enough—given their history in Americana. Join us on an exploratory tour of this inter-sectional paradox, through the various demographics and their respective welcome (or lack thereof) to the LGBTQ community, through the eyes of one who traverses both worlds. From board and tabletop gaming, to pop culture and new media, this exposition strives to be comprehensive, yet digestible.

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  • “The Last War” and The Great War
  • Fandom Without Borders – Series Conspectus

    Fandom Without Borders – Series Conspectus

    An epic journey for our exclusive travel blog, examining various geeky and nerdy scenes. From Japan and Ireland to major cities across the continental United States, join this whirlwind trek and partake of our robust sample of “local flavors”.

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