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With her writing, Charlotte attempts to tell stories beyond those that have already been told. The boundaries of genre and convention are stifling and need to be knocked down, something she enjoys. Per Jordan Peele’s sentiments, regarding straight CIS white men, “We’ve heard those stories” – she’s not having it, and as such, she focuses on crafting characters as colorful and eclectic as possible. Playing with and enjoying tropes is one thing – employing clichés is something else entirely!

These iconoclastic tendencies towards diversity and representation not only govern her writing style but curate her tastes as well, driving her examinations in these various fields. Her wanderlust has had her a ‘citizen of the world’, trying out various living spaces, trusting where the wind takes her – and never looking back.

Charlotte Tracey

Writer. Cosplayer. Travel Blogger.

Tús maith leath na hoibre (A good start is half the work).” – Irish Aphorism

Between growing up in the wilds of New York’s Rockland County suburbs and attending a high school that nurtured her passions, Ms. Tracey was encouraged by a robust and supportive peer group. Even the few bullies or sticks-in-the-mud were no match for her; especially in her spiky vinyl boots. Charlotte was unafraid to be herself no matter what anyone else had to say.  She began as a liberal arts major at Rockland Community College, before transferring to SUNY New Paltz, where she resumed as an English Major, graduating in 2012. Following graduation, she relocated to Northern Ireland, exploring the cultural opportunities of her dual citizenship while supplementing her resume with local industry. Charlotte followed this with a spree of domestic and international travel across the United States, through the U.K. and Germany, culminating in an extended visit to Japan. While continuing work on her novel, Ms. Tracey continues to broaden her work experience with audits and data collection.

All this is very much a means to an end, as the funds from said career have fueled deep cultural and scene-research on a post-apocalyptic trilogy. This of course, ties back to Charlotte’s passion for anime. Her deep dive into otaku fandom began when she purchased her very first manga, a special edition Yu Yu Hakusho Volume One. She was hooked for life, taking rigorous notes of her favorite scenes and categorizing them in a worn three-inch binder that would never stray far from her side, right next to her beloved Hiei plushie. An avid reader, Charlotte’s room was closer to a library, shelves fit to bursting from the weight of all the manga, science fiction, and fantasy novels she has cherished.

This dragon’s hoard notwithstanding, a cultivated palate set her on the search for the obscure and rare. Thus, it was not until her college years that Charlotte became well-versed in more mainstream titles, as she’d neglected these in her quest for le outre. This coincided with her first forays into creative writing, shaping a first draft that she could be proud of. Her adventures in Northern Ireland included visiting landmarks such as Tlachtga Hill (the birthplace of Samhain), New Grange and Loughcrew. This, combined with her extensive visits to, Kyoto, Sapporo, Otome Road, and even the gothic music festival in Hildesheim, Germany has led to a robust life experience. Experience which has been invaluable and relevant to research for her magnum opus. Today, this otaku senpai fandom hierophant serves as a proud contributor to The Unconventional as well as model and cosplayer for Steam-Funk‘s in-house fiction, The Living Multiverse. Currently, while seeking representation, Ms. Tracey continues to pursue publication. Given complications of recent events and the global pandemic, options have understandably been slim. She remains deeply interested in resuming impassioned cosplay and live events activities when it is safe to do so.