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As an LGBTQ+ activist, a supporter of Black Lives Matter and police abolitionist, Chris has never shied away from standing up for what’s right. “Respect my existence or expect my resistance” is more than mere empty words to him, before we even speak of his trans, queer identity. Throw in a dash of disability advocacy and rights of equitable access and you have Chris’ activism portfolio. Among the many cul-de-sacs of oppression within fandom which he rages against, Chris has a special place in his heart for Gatekeeping. One might call it his “species enemy” or “bane”. 

Chris Davis

Second Managing Editor.

Do the best you can until you know better. Then, when you know better, do better.” – Maya Angelou

Known for his extensive work in customer service, project management and live events, Chris is one of the most experienced marketing and PR consultants to grace the halls of SFS. He has long been an expert at adapting to changing situations, as he has become both capable and practiced at charting and plotting courses while under immense pressure. Changing tracks extensively has honed a talent for rapid skill acquisition, which he leverages effectively as new roles emerge. This talent was utilized when Chris revised Steam-Funk’s social media strategies, drafting and refining techniques for market reach which remain our standardized procedure today. 

Chris has an impeccable professional pedigree, starting with his graduation from Western Washington University with a BA in Marketing as the class of 2008. Beginning as sales consultant for several retail venues before serving as an admissions coordinator for Kaplan College, Chris has gone on to serve in several capacities inclusive of 9-1-1 call receiver, customer service, PR assistant, real estate broker, and a special section coordinator for The Seattle Times. He has also served as the assistant director of The Confrontational Theater Project, which produced quality, accessible, challenging theater in Seattle, and a proposal writing associate at marketing company BDA. All this, while being a single parent as well! As a result, his colleagues at Steam-Funk are convinced Chris doesn’t sleep, but simply exists on some higher plane of existence that we normal mortals can only access via injecting caffeine into our eyeballs. Be it bravery or madness, Chris understands the modern adage: “Sleep is for other people.” 

In addition to Chris’ exemplary work on what would one day become known as Team Kitsune, his organizational skills were put to work in numerous back-end capacities. Chris served as one of the first assigning editors for The Unconventional, and his background work proved instrumental in populating and updating internal contributor trackers, which made organizing the contributions of dozens of authors and their work possible. Meanwhile, Chris’ engagement with fan communities (tabletop RPGs, video games, Twitter and general memeing), has proven invaluable for establishing and maintaining brand awareness of Steam-Funk’s projects. As he says on his cosplay page, “It’s all about the character and the experience. Come play!” 

An early asset to our organizational health with a nigh-bottomless expertise, Chris has contributed to the firm in ways few others ever will. His familiarity with services for marketing and direct customer interaction kept Steam-Funk relevant and ready to handle modern demands. Well, at least as long as we kept him supplied with caffeine.