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Courtney’s feminism will be intersectional or it will be trashed. Her goal is to uplift the voices of all women, especially, women of color, queer women, and especially fat women within the banner of body-positivity. She collaborates with others in the LGBTQ+ and non-caucasian communities to defend the rights of all marginalized folks, and to destroy fascism at all costs. This includes “hard” and “soft” forms of bigotry, especially production concerns and representation in the media. While the perceivably “smaller” battles may not seem as important, she remains deeply aware that this is what paves the way for the culture and society to frame and drum-up forces for “the bigger fights”. 

Courtney Kwok

Staff Writer. Contributing Editor.
Assistant Troupe Manager.

Believe in yourself, even if you feel like turning back at times. Don’t run away. Little by little you will get closer to achieving your dreams.” – Jung Yunho (TVXQ)

A dedicated creative writer, editor, videographer, production assistant, and secondary troupe manager at Steam-Funk Studios, Ms. Capecea’s aptitudes and interests are diverse. With over a decade of retail experience, she is a graduate from the Loring Jobs Corps Center, with some coursework at University of Maine, before transitioning in her education objectives (receiving a Veterinary Technician degree from Penn Foster). Her ultimate goal is to open a cat rescue for senior and special needs cats, even as she spends her time writing and editing her own work and material for SFS. Her diverse background, which has led her to acquiring a wide array of skills that have made her a valued member of any team she joins, showcasing both her adaptability and her preemptive planning in dozens of roles she’s inhabited. Courtney has been a key holder, assistant manager, and various other positions of responsibility over the past eight years.  

With regards to the world of fiction, Courtney’s family has always nurtured her creative spark. Her father having introduced her to Tolkien’s works and the world of Arda, she was captivated by the Ralph Bakshi cartoon. Her grandfather encouraged her background in classical science-fiction programs and cinema, a dizzying list which includes Twilight Zone and The Day the Earth Stood Still. As she grew, the world of horror, especially “slasher” films and Stephen King’s catalog, captivated her. Courtney has channeled these influences into her work in both creative writing and fashion production. With a penchant for designs that sport a nerdy flare, she creates wearables based on anime, music, and movies, aided by her early instruction in sewing from her stepmother. When not working on a series of urban fantasy short stories, developing her videography and photography skills, or otherwise writing up a storm for The Unconventional, Courtney has an avid, burning passion for Star Trek, The Walking Dead, and music of all kinds (with the latter influenced highly by her mother’s massive record collection). Today, while Courtney is deeply invested in all music genres, she’s especially passionate about K-pop. 

Most recently, Courtney has taken her considerable skill set and has leveraged it proactively. Having completed her first series for The Unconventional on intersectional feminism in fandom, she has since been promoted to editorial staff, revising work not only for The Unconventional, but also for Steam-Funk’s fictional properties. Courtney’s also been penning articles about the social issues surrounding K-Pop, which include mental health and LGBTQ+ representation and rights. Her background in cosplay and fashion design informed her experience as a production assistant to a variety of endeavors. Finally, her “behind the scenes” work has grown into performance and academia, both in improv and presentations (at COGS Expo 2018 & 2019, PhilCon, and elsewhere), further evolving her public speaking and management skills. 

When not thinking about K-Pop, the general descent of humanity, or media, Courtney can be found spending time with her cats, Lyanna and Yuna, picking peaches and hunting for rare bugs on her Animal Crossing island.