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Star Trek: The Original Series, and “Mecha” anime (Gundam, Macross, Voltron). 

Hey! if it’s not from the “Mecha” valley of Japan, it’s just sparkling Giant Robots!

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20/20 Promise

Learning right and wrong at an early age, Dave remains committed to leveraging his immense privilege as activism jiu-jitsu demands. A CIS-gender white man from a supportive, middle-class upbringing, he seeks to ensure that those who’ve gone too long sans voice, suffering to deaf ears, are finally heard. Black Lives Matter. Trans rights are human rights. No one is illegal on stolen land. No justice, no peace – these aren’t empty words to him, but moral imperatives; the only way forward. To this effect, while yet to write a series, he remains thoroughly dedicated to making certain the vast array of our contributors are presented and heard, with respect to their positions and identity. Whether it’s marching in protest, teaching his daughter ethics and civics, or dismantling cruelty and stupidity on the internet with vicious prose, Dave will fight to his last breath, quill pen or keystroke, to ensure justice for all. Especially in this recently neofasc state.

Dave DeMar

Bullpen Manager. Senior Editor.
Senior Creative Staff.

Compromise where you can. Where you can’t, don’t. Even if everyone is telling you that something wrong is something right… it is your duty to plant yourself like a tree, look them in the eye, and say ‘No, you move.” – Captain America, Amazing Spider-Man #537

With more than twelve years of experience providing professional writing, editing, and proofreading to hundreds of clients spanning a variety of business sectors, Mr. DeMar is a veteran of the world of freelancing dating back to the early 2000’s, his mastery battle-tested in the fires of edgelords and PHP forums. A published author with several credits to his name, Dave’s education began with a Regent’s Diploma from Huntington High School, as their class of ’96. Following this, Dave pursued a Bachelor of Arts, specifically English and Creative Writing, graduating in SUNY New Paltz’s class of 2000. Following 9/11 and other concerns, Dave took on a role as Inventory Manager for Huntington Book Revue, Long Island’s largest independent bookstore, while attending Touro Law School part time, studying to pass the bar. He was two and a half years into a three-year program, when a medical issue prevented completion. Yes, Law School gave him cancer, or so he quips to this day.  

This, understandably, called for a reassessment of life goals. After fighting his way through treatment, Dave returned to SUNY New Paltz with new clarity, and secured his Master of Arts in English Literature. He graduated with a specialty in Anglo-Saxon and Middle English texts in 2008. Riding high on this, the future seemed bright, with even a potential doctorate. Alas, as we said, it was 2008, and thus the economy was not accommodating. Given a prior penchant for leadership (“What? I took the feat!”), Dave transitioned to management staff at the national chain Gamestop, and then as a creative exercise in Schadenfreude, with “the worst job of my life”, a call center representative. These roles pepper a flavorful and diverse career, as various clients noted, especially those favoring a textured palate of experience. Oh, there is variety here, ranging from an advanced service representative for a major cable provider, as a certified computer service technician, and as an assistant lawn irrigation and plumbing specialist. What’s more, he can even make “ditch digger” sound fancy. Thus, Mr. DeMar has demonstrated versatility, reliability, attention to detail, and willingness to literally get his hands dirty, as the need arises. But what, of this fandom background? 

Enamored with the written word from a young age, Dave ruined his eyesight by the 4th grade, reading well past his bedtime, reliant on nothing but the dim hallway light. The son of progressive and supportive parents, he learned morality from Star Trek: TOS reruns, bravery from VHS tapes of Star Wars, and perseverance from being punished, repeatedly, by the Mega Man and Ninja Gaiden cartridges in his Nintendo Entertainment System. He made the jump to collaborative storytelling through Dungeons & Dragons and other tabletop roleplaying games at the age of ten, joined the drama club at 13, and, by the age of 20, was yelling at anyone interrupting him when he was trying to watch Dragon Ball Z. While recovering from the aforementioned “little bout” of cancer at 25, his convalescence was spent playing World of Warcraft. His team work ethic and esprit de corps, netted him the most epic of loots: his wife Pamelyn and their daughter Eleanor, with the latter nearly being born on location at a LARP event. “Nerds!” (That’s OUR Word! We get to use it!) 

Today, Dave remains a prolific freelance writer and editor, leveraging his unique skillset and academic background for a wide clientele. A select portion of his work can be seen on his Amazon Author Page. He has many roles here at Steam-Funk Studios, including providing high-level editorial services for The Unconventional, management for a full team of talented if not alektorophobic writing and editorial staff, and as one of the lead voices in guiding the development and direction of the numerous SFS properties under The Living Multiverse brand. When not working on his Gundam Plastic (Gunpla) model-building, reading to his daughter, or playing couch co-op with his wife, Dave can be found standing up for what’s right, even if it’s not convenient or easy. Whether he’s coming at you with the receipts for how HP Lovecraft was a racist bastard, with his razor-sharp wit to eviscerate your idiotic argument, or with nothing but a flaming Molotov and a wry smirk, this weirdo takes no prisoners and gives no quarter.