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Emma’s commitment is to good faith questioning of both the systems she interacts with and her own beliefs. On a personal level, she is dedicated to examining her own beliefs in an ongoing process of scrutinizing and dismantling her own biases. She believes that this continual self-examination of what factors influence her beliefs is a responsibility she has to herself and to her community. On a wider level, her goal is to improve her understanding of the systemic pressures that affect society as a whole, but especially as they apply to marginalized communities. She dedicates herself to seeking out and understanding voices of those communities.

Emma Glasscock

Developmental Editor. DTD Liaison.

The first principle is that you must not fool yourself and you are the easiest person to fool.” – Richard Feynman

Immensely interested in the behind-the-scenes details on how systems work, Emma will be quick to tell anyone how her time spent studying ups and downs in the virtual markets of World of Warcraft’s in-game Auction House is what sparked her lifelong passion for finance. This same passion drove her to complete her Bachelor of Arts in Economics from University of Delaware in 2015, and to score in the 83rd percentile of the Bloomberg Aptitude Test, before pursuing a career in financial services, where she currently works as a small business credit analyst.

Even with all of her accomplishments in the financial sector, Emma has never lost sight of the human element behind these endeavors. One of her earliest jobs was working as a librarian’s assistant for the Sussex County Law Library, assisting pro se litigants and other patrons in locating research materials. She also spent time as a customer service representative for a personalized medical research firm to potential clients in difficult and emotionally painful situations. She even spent a summer in Cuernavaca, Mexico at Universidad Internacional as a research assistant. Despite this robust background, Emma will tell you that one of the most valuable things that she’s ever done was joining her college’s tabletop RPG club, “Galadrim”. The rewards have been immeasurable, as she can trace all of the greatest friendships in her life to that one decision.

Emma has been a constant presence at gaming conventions since 2013 as LARP staff for Damocles Thread Development (DTD), including but not limited to DerpyCon, Intervention, MAGfest, T-MODE and (Re)generation Who, where she has been delighted to contribute, from presenting NPCS and crafting side-plots for small groups to running larger storylines. By far her favorite passion project was the local Vampire the Masquerade LARP, “Neon Nights,” which she worked on from the game’s inception in 2016 until its shutdown due to the March 2020 COVID outbreak. Emma’s also spent four years as a journalist with the DTD press team for Otakon, providing her opportunities to interview voice actors, directors, musicians and more.Emma’s work for The Unconventional has been vital to initial content assembly, inclusive of multiple stages and styles of editing. Furthermore, she has provided critical work to SFS’ in-house fiction, The Living Multiverse, assisting in expansion and integration of the sub-brand Plutarchs with our collaborators in DTD. An accomplished writer and editor, Emma’s career has been a testament to the value of engaging in work you love. As a contractor for several mastheads, she has drafted, curated and run material for Live Action Roleplaying Games (LARPs), as well as facilitating other content generation with Steam-Funk Studios’ DTD collaborators through schedule coordination, recorded content, and other production work. Work that has been invaluable to our developmental history.