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Eve is an intersectional feminist, a practitioner of quiet resistance, and a passionate voting advocate, leaving her accustomed to fighting for what’s right even when it’s difficult or inconvenient. Non-binary but of an age that she’s not much troubled by she/her pronouns, Eve is accustomed to being a boundary-keeper (while acknowledging these need regular firmware updates). Given ADD (undiagnosed until adulthood), certain coping mechanisms, and her penchant for “deputizing” accomplices in mischief, the role of “guardian” is staggeringly on-brand. With taxing of patience over time, her willingness to suffer fools has ebbed; this can sometimes be read as elitist tendencies. She’s in good company for that.

Eve M. Jones

Copy- and Research Editor.

There are years that ask questions and years that answer.” – Zora Neale Hurston

An accomplished editor, researcher, costumer, and student of the various undercurrents in fandom and pop culture, Eve is not merely “seasoned”; she is a significant portion of our in-house spice rack. While she may not tick all the boxes on Robert A. Heinlein’s extensive list of basic human skills, but she is nonetheless competent at many, inclusive of editing, cooking, and diverse forms of geekery spanning many vectors of fandom. 

In a previous life, Ms. Jones was a software developer with over 25 years in the industry, with experience working for several firms large and small, from a research firm to defense contractors. That this was at a time when being neither white nor male was often a career killer, making her accomplishments both notable and impressive. Despite these difficulties, Eve persevered in her chosen role. Following the tragic events of 9/11, like so many of us she was compelled to reinvent herself. During this process Eve discovered a talent for research, editing, and technical writing – all skills she has sharpened in the intervening years.

In her youth, Eve benefited from having a librarian for a mother, providing countless opportunities to develop a true love of reading. This was reinforced by not being exposed to much of television at all, with the notable exception of Star Trek: The Original Series. When she wasn’t devouring books or enjoying the adventures of Kirk and Company, Eve attended a tiny all-girls Episcopalian high school in her native New Jersey; its diminutive nature meant that one couldn’t just be one thing, so she was all at once a Brain, a Jock (4 varsity letters), a Nerd, and a Dance and Theater Kid. Formative high school experiences included playing her first cross-gender theater character and two years of Latin (which enabled her to ask awkward questions about translation inconsistencies in the Bible). These early interests would blossom into a passion for LARPing, granting her a new aspect of fandom to enjoy.

Eve’s never forgotten her first fandom — Star Trek — and continues to read All the Things™ for both fun and work. Both relevant and timely, her current read is Cory Doctorow’s Attack Surface, set in the same fictional universe as Little Brother. Service-oriented to a fault (and that service is direction), she’d rather volunteer at a con or live event than attend. Related to this, Eve is working on various cosplays, including one for the command crew of the USS Vindara (NCC 1631-A) plus an original character that’s both New Orleans and Steampunk-flavored. A frequent attendee of various northeast conventions, her costuming has intensified over the years. So much so, Eve has provided a significant amount of the assets for an entire photoshoot for our in-house fiction, The Living Multiverse. Her volunteer specialties include guest transportation, registration, safety, and commanding attention ad hoc.
Nowadays, when she’s not researching and editing for non-fiction writers, Eve is a prolific cook (which she affectionately refers to as “chef’n”) as well as an invaluable member of The Unconventional’s editorial staff, thanks to her exacting documentation and editorial skills.