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James’ singular obsession revolves around the Rules of a Narrative, Setting, and Story Structure. It is his rubric by which he engages with and judges fiction. With a grim understanding that standards shift and the Law of the Entropy will have its due, James is deeply disenchanted with a number of the changes that corporate greed, populism, and the wisdom of crowds have imposed upon various beloved and profoundly formative pieces of media, these “franchises”. What’s more, these sorts of manipulations tend to strike him as disingenuous, as corporate oligarchs purchase a brand with little regard for the lore, the wants of their audience, nor accuracy to any given product identity. Especially when the paved-over property was arguably more progressive and inclusive than these hollow gestures.  Hell truly is other people, and he craves his BFG and green space marine armor. He craves it dearly.

James Bailey

Senior Continuity Editor. New Media Expert. Senior Creative Staff.

I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.” – Mark Twain

James Bailey is an exemplar of the passion, dedication, and keen understanding which are intrinsic to the Steam-Funk Studios ethos. Graduating from Connecticut’s Trumbull High School in 2002 and having earned a Letter in Technology, James immediately dove into higher education the next year, enrolling in Sacred Heart University. Never one to content himself with doing just one thing at a time, James not only held down a part-time job but also began a web-design consultancy. This incentivized him to leave school to pursue a more immediate career in the private sector, with consulting work spanning several years; by 2008 he had not only expanded into B2B (as well as B2C) sales, but rose to take a management role. 

 In June of 2010, James was approached by his best friend from middle school with yet another offer: to create an anime magazine. He dove in, becoming the Business Manager, Content Director, and Writer for Senpai Magazine, working alongside the Editor-in-Chief, building the magazine’s founding staff, and publishing their first issue by the fall of that year.  James continued in these capacities for the entire run, including expanded duties co-producing the online monthly spinoff “Chibi-Senpai” with Jennifer Bailey, through the final year of 2013. During this time, James and his compatriots managed to interview numerous anime voice actors and Doctor Who stars (including three actors in the titular role). The closure of Senpai Magazine as well as unforeseen circumstances complicated James’ work-life balance, requiring a contemplative pause. That same year, however, he was approached and recruited by a certain swarthy individual to potentially join SFS. In February 2015, after two years of recuperation, he did so, once more entering the fray. 

Raised by Kathy Bailey, an avid Whovian and classic ‘Trek fan, James was doomed to a life of fandom. It is his grail quest, strongly influenced by Star Trek: The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, and especially Babylon 5. Other formative texts include Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal, sword-and-sorcery films like Krull, and assorted late-80’s and early 90’s fare. What’s more, readings of Tolkien and staring at his father’s Dungeons and Dragons collection deeply impacted his early life. However, nothing compared to sitting on the floor in front of the TV, experiencing classic Doctor Who. It is perhaps his earliest memory in terms of fandom, and closest to his heart. His plastic tire-gauge toy, often becoming his sonic screwdriver, remains amongst his most treasured possessions. Sailor Moon, his other major fandom, was directly responsible for his meeting, befriending, and growing close with Jennifer, his future wife and partner on Senpai Magazine and at SFS. 

Today, classic 80’s and 90’s cartoons, toys, comics, and speculative fiction literally populate the walls of the Baileys residence as well as James’ labyrinthine psyche and dreams. Depths also inhabited by the nü weird and sundry elements of horror. This is what happens when you’re nursed on a steady diet of David Lynch, peppered with the works of Lovecraft’s Mythos, Clive Barker, and of course, Stephen King’s The Dark Tower. Battling them back are the figures of The Elder Scrolls with all of their voluminous lore. Today, James continues in his editorial role as SFS’ continuity expert, analyzing the raw ore and refining it, before it is hammered into shape as the cosmos of The Living Multiverse. It does bear stating that the Baileys bring with them a synergy, having worked in publication and management together for a decade. 

Beyond all of the aforementioned, James is currently penning his own stories for publication as well as producing an ‘AuthorTube’ channel, showcasing different endeavors and techniques across the spectrum of creative process.