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Jeromy thrives on sharing the knowledge he has gained and demonstrating its significance to modern culture and current events. His love of history was fostered over 20 years. Unpacking presentism and parochial ‘hot takes’ through historical accuracy as he engages his audience is his passion. After spending 7 years of his life as a tall ship sailor and reenactor, specializing in the Golden Age of piracy, primary source material, first-hand accounts and verifiable sources are his main weapons against misinformation. The proliferation of “Hollywood Historians” and embellishment of historical figures and facts are major pet peeves of his.  That said, lest he seem a luddite, his other great crusade is against the forces of anti-intellectualism and pedantic conformity to bigoted pasts. History exists to learn from. Thus, one could say that he is on a grand quest to club ignorance of all varieties, no matter from which side of the political aisle it stems.

Jeromy Foberg

Writer. Performer.

Who is the happier man, he who has braved the storm of life and lived or he who has stayed securely on shore and merely existed?” – Dr. Hunter S. Thompson

A reader with a voracious appetite for the written word and speeches, Jeromy’s interests are eclectic, to be sure. His preferred genres span historical accounts, memoirs, biographies, comics, and fantasy fiction. Sailor, reenactor, rennie, mixologist, RPG and video gamer, and craftsman are all terms that comprise his geeky identity. These fixations, specifically around exploration, date back to age six, upon his spying a mounted map with push pins indicating landmarks.

Growing up on a military base with a mother and stepfather that played pen and paper RPGs shaped who Jeromy is today; there were trips to hobby stores where he would gaze at highly detailed pewter miniatures, enthralled. He was similarly entranced by the cover art of the AD&D Players Handbook, giant statue, jeweled eyes mid-plunder, and all. As one of the first on-base families with a Nintendo Entertainment System, Jeromy’s introduction to video games was with some ceremony. His mother’s Nintendo Power magazines lay on the coffee table next to a paperback Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy. Their household even engaged in pre-internet era calls to the Nintendo Powerline in lieu of Google. Finished chores were converted into time allotted for video games. His middle school years were colorfully seasoned with Batman, X-Men, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the shows and comics inspiring his love of action figures. High school was enhanced by “the addiction” of Magic: The Gathering, with a soundtrack of genres ranging from alternative radio, hip hop, punk, and metal. His graphic novel tastes matured with such titles as Dawn, Sandman, and Transmetropolitan.

Mr. Foberg, like many in the firm, is of the graduating class of ‘99, in his case from Ayer Senior High. He had a healthy background in the arts, specifically the school choir and drama club. Following graduation (and some collegiate study in public speaking), Jeromy entered the world of renaissance faires and reenactments. Formative in his crusade for factual analysis, he worked as a historical interpreter for Coggeshall Farm Museum from 2013 to 2017. Were that not enough, all of these influences culminated in a career as a tall ship sailor and pirate historian aboard The Formidable, a brigantine in service from Boston Harbor and Gloucester, MA from 2012 to 2018. His duties entailed regulatory maintenance and naval service, performing shanties, and expanded to include weapons demonstrations, safely presenting working replicas while underway. This supplemented his involvement with The Rhode Island Pirate Players (or “Rippers”), a historical reenactment unit performing walking-tours and singing engagements. Jeromy joined The Rippers in 2007 and continues to participate to this day. Since The Formidable’s decommission in 2018, Jeromy has worked in property maintenance and non-emergency medical transport before transitioning to the finance sector.
Jeromy’s appreciation for spirits and ales grew, along with his card-catalog of other interests and hobbies, culminating as a panelist at local conventions on varieties of rum, mulled beverages, and honey liqueurs, along with their cultural and economic impact. He has presented at Temple Studios’ event TempleCon from 2008 to 2016. Furthermore, Jeromy created content and playtested for Reality A, a dystopian sci-fi RPG based in the Rhode Island area. Recruited in 2013 to Steam-Funk Studios, Jeromy was a founding member of Society of the Emerald Tentacle, their in-house horror comedy troupe and writing staff. These duties have consisted of performance at several other events ranging up and down the east coast, both as said troupe’s member and with Cosplay Court Case. In addition to working on SFS’ in-house fiction for The Living Multiverse, Jeromy has crafted content for The Unconventional, in the form of his series Rum, Sodomy and the Lash, unpacking the romanticism of the Age of Sail and piracy. What’s more, you can tune in regularly to his Discord server, where he blasts playlists as Radio Free Ferret. He can also be found on his instagram FreneticFerret, where he posts drink recipes.