Heavy Metal Thunder
Immersive Fantasist
Industrial Fortitude
Music Sommelier
Sonic Synesthesia
Raise Hell

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FromSouls (The FromSoft game Franchise) and Castlevania

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20/20 Promise

Kyla is a tortured artist entrenched in the reflecting pool of creativity. Born of a white-bread family of artists and blue-collar workers, she traces her lineage as far back as the Pennsylvania settlers and union soldiers of the Civil War. She has vehemently opposed and fought tooth and nail upheaving rigid traditions and the status quo. Eternally an advocate for humans’ rights and equality, she is a contemporary street warrior for the LGBT+ community. Cascading the rapid changes in western society, tolerance for unjust bigotry and prejudice only further her ferocity and ire. Vowing to expand progressive human understanding as a philosopher and philanthropist, she is averse to false prophets, hypocrites and the cruel that prey upon the world like a shadowy parasitic scourge. In addition to her unsung song, she disputes the unfathomable ineptitude of the current ‘system’ that is responsible for millions of deaths through sardonic commentary and propagation of insightful music.

Kyla J. Lynch

Writer. Performer. Cosplayer. Creative Staff.

Conjugation in French is a special kind of horror, on par with the sort of things you’d need to do to call up the Old Ones when the stars are right.” – April Daniels

Trained as both a classical and jazz musician, in addition to being a producer, writer, philosopher, and philanthropist, Ms. Lynch does not lack for hats. She is a skilled technician and industrial electrician during the working week. Having acquired vital skills through sixteen years of experience in retail, she is accustomed to most physical and mentally demanding environments. Her passions in college were fixations on music and the liberal arts. A veteran cosplayer and presenter, she is an accomplished speaker, having hosted numerous panels and open forums throughout fandom and geek subculture events over the last decade, spanning AnimeNEXT, Philcon, New York Comic Con and assorted entries in the goth circuit.

Kyla’s style of engagement focuses on analysis, and genre fiction informs her theatrical costuming, presentation, and public engagement. Passionate for sci-fi, horror and retro-futurism, she is an admirer of many classic video games, literature, and films. Her library swells with works she was raised with, a cultivated gallery of dark fantasy and folklore. Her artistic muses and love of world history inform her spirituality and creative endeavors, as matched amino acids in a strand of DNA. Her digital lexicon most notably is shaped by such works as the Bloodborne, Metroid, and Castlevania franchises. She is an avid enthusiast for anachronistic futurism, with a strong bias towards cyberpunk, and other utilitarian sub-genres of STEM. She admires such visionaries as Ridley Scott and Phillip K. Dick. Kyla’s muses are the twin Valkyries of power metal and retro-synthwave, enhanced voice-boxes blowing out speakers in crescendo. Her tastes range eclectic, revolving around artists who raise a dark lens to life’s complexities. She favors works with profound lyricism, and technically focused instrumental arrangements. It’s not enough to just shred, art should have a message.

Currently, Ms. Lynch is an industrial electrician by trade, and a purveyor of most geek subcultures during her down time. She’s presently writing material for a heavy metal passion project, seeking to collaborate with other skilled musicians. Kyla also offers private lessons for guitar and music theory. A budding novelist, she is working on a ‘new weird’ thriller, the crux of which is social commentary on human rights. Ms. Lynch was recruited for Steam-Funk Studios in May of 2018. Multitasking between her creative projects and LGBT+ advocacy, one would not think she had room for more. That said, academic presentation and improv have become further assets in her evolving “skill tree”. An experienced presenter, performer and writer, she’s both written and modeled for The Living Multiverse, especially for our ever-expanding bestiary and cyberpunk brands. Her further work at Steam-Funk includes copiously research and writing for The Unconventional. Of the latter, she will be exploring her love of both musical composition in games and film, and raising hell, in her series “Sonata of the Screen & Grid”. 
Outside of attending conventions, giving music lessons and plumbing the depths of the latest Metroidvania, Kyla has been known to don Samus’ battle gear to stem the contagion. She has served as a part of local activist groups, and is an active member of the HRC, so she’s no stranger to upsetting the status quo.