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Marcelo has lived his life as a member of the working class, and as such, has become a passionate critic against corporate greed and unfettered capitalism. This passion goes hand in hand with his concern for the environment, billing himself as the ethical equivalent to Captain Planet – as portrayed by Don Cheadle. If he could, he would eagerly and unrepentantly turn polluters into trees. Another Captain he aligns with politically is Captain America; Marcelo doesn’t like bullies, and he doesn’t care where they’re from. Because of that, he is openly critical of the American war machine and military industrial complex while fighting against homegrown terrorism from white nationalists and Neo-Nazi groups. Through his writing, he opposes rape culture and male entitlement, while offering positive representation for children of color and the differently abled.

Marcelo Gusmão

Staff Writer. Contributing Editor. Creative Staff.

The librarian isn’t a clerk who happens to work in a library. A librarian is a data hound, a guide, a sherpa and a teacher. The librarian is the interface between reams of data and the untrained but motivated user.” – Seth Godin

With nearly a decade of experience in library sciences, Marcelo’s no stranger to academia. His pursuit of his English degree from the University of Massachusetts broadened his horizons, honed and developed his skills as a literature major. This, coupled with his fervor for cult classics and modern cinema, serve him well in the many services required in today’s multimedia-rich, public libraries. Marcelo’s further development included a more recent focus on event-coordination and project management. Despite such an admittedly full plate, he still finds time to pursue his passions: writing supernatural fiction, reading comics, gaming, and enjoying the current renaissance of alternative music.

His rampant hunger for media came honestly to Marcelo from an early age. By the time he was enrolled in kindergarten, Marcelo could recite Patrick Stewart’s opening monologue from Star Trek: The Next Generation by heart. Growing up in the Harry Potter generation, he remembers a time when admitting to liking nerd culture was social suicide, and often felt it necessary to conceal his “power level.” This necessitated that he hide his otaku status and love of video games to avoid ridicule or being labeled a pariah. As a college student, all of that changed, as the early 2010s brought a nostalgic appreciation for niche culture, as well as a more political awareness among younger generations. 

Marcelo joined the ranks of The Unconventional in June of 2018, as a direct recruit by our Editor-in-Chief. A robust contributing editor, Mr. Gusmão distinguished himself enough to merit advancement into Creative Staff for The Living Multiverse. Consistently demonstrating his unique blend of academic exactitude, finely honed analysis and expository skills, he remains a force multiplier in ways impossible to quantify. However, his contributions can be tracked, from his two series (“From Quill to Quest Items” & “Swords & 6:4 Chords”) along with co-authoring Seanna Cottle’s “Gaslight & Grimdark”. A Geek-from-birth, literary dynamo, and champion of literacy, Marcelo’s rise to fame is both meteoric and undeniable.