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Rob prides himself on promoting calm and rational thinking, both outwardly and amongst those around him. The sensationalist environment behooves many of us to dowse for nuance, rather than succumbing to the urge to extremism. Helping others understand that taking a momentary pause, even a breath, before knee-jerk reactions is critical. He finds the cathedrals to outrage on all sides, at times, to be overwhelming. In addition to an urge to sober, some might say moderate perspective, he fosters the notions of fellowship and camaraderie, despite many folks’ obsessions to view all interactions as affronts or attacks. “Heinlein’s Razor” looms in the horizon, especially with varying degrees of competence in speech. That said, there are moral imperatives. Even staunch moderates can be reached by logical arguments and clinical rationality to combat monstrous and skewed forms of oppression. 

Rob Kaba

Team Leader. Assistant Troupe Manager.
Client Relations.

This Aggression will not stand, man!” – The Dude

A logistics management professional by day, Rob Kaba is an unrepentant nerd, indulging in videogames and tabletop RPGs and binge-watching the vast majority of the chaotic miasma of anime since the 1990s. Those pursuits are directly relatable to all his future success in life, as Rob credits tabletop and MMO gaming with insights for how to be a confident leader, and anime with instilling in him a boundless hope to adhere to his pursuits, despite limitations on time. What’s more, his is a cultivated palate, embodying a robust and cosmopolitan appetite for fine dining in a variety of cuisines. Similarly, he is an unabashed audiophile, truly appreciating the nuances of a proper speaker system delivering the dulcet tones of his favorite music as transmitted from vinyl. 

Rob graduated with honors as one of East Hartford High School’s class of 2002. Involved in the “Collectible Card Gaming Club”, it’s clear he caught the bug for gaming early on. As a product of the early 00’s millennial generation, Rob was social, but very much on his own terms. It was not until later that he would blossom into the affable personality many have grown to appreciate. He took a brief position in the pharmaceutical industry before his current role in supply chain logistics. That term, and the subsequent career it refers to, encompasses the rest of his decades of employment. 

Rob is stoic, yet relentless in the pursuit of his goals. Nowhere is this more evident than in his day job; having begun in a role loading and unloading trailers in the receiving department, developing dramatically over 18 years to his current position: managing the transportation network for the same firm across the greater northeast. This persistence and temperance both reflect in how Mr. Kaba has matured from a one-time participant in Cosplay Court Case to both showrunner and Executive Producer. His picture-perfect cosplay of “the Dude”, has become a hallmark of the New England convention scene, complete with the bespoke rug. It truly ties any room together.  

In addition to running CCC, Rob has been instrumental in the day-to-day operations of Steam-Funk Studios (SFS) since he joined the firm in 2014, bringing practical management experience at a time when it was sorely needed. Rob has worked as manager for SFS’ regional Rhode Island and Salt Lake teams for years, curating and developing The Living Multiverse’s post-apocalyptic desert-chic and eldritch-horror properties. In addition to his role as manager and curator of the lore for the aforementioned, Rob’s many hats include roles as performer and photoshoot model as well as a presenter and guest-relations in the convention circuit. In the first two years of his recruitment, he was the all-around linchpin keeping SFS running, setting the groundwork for the well-oiled machine it is today. He isn’t simply one of the more important cogs; he is a spirit in the gears themselves, as many procedures, several manuals and legacy staff can attest.