Topic: Gray Matter

These engagements, dubbed for our content addressing the higher Arts and fields of Academia, span Philosophy, Metaphysics, history and even the “Hard” Sciences.

  • Horror in Anime and Gaming
  • Maintenance and Preparation

    Maintenance and Preparation

    Welcome to the sixth installment of Rum, Sodomy, and the Lash, a series looking at the fantasy and the reality of being a sailor in the modern age. Today we’ll be examining the maintenance and preparation of a tall ship.

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  • Building a Better Predator: Werewolves
  • A Day in the Life of a Tallship Sailor
  • Horror in Music

    Horror in Music

    In today’s installment of Zen and the Art of Screaming, we examine the role of horror in music—from musicians selling their souls to the devil for fame & fortune, to artists whose appearance and sound conjure images of demons and hellfire.

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  • Unpacking the Myths

    Unpacking the Myths

    In this, the fourth installment of Rum, Sodomy, and the Lash, your host Jeromy Foberg discusses the many differences between pirates and piracy as they exist in fiction and how they existed.

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  • J-Rock Invasion
  • Heavy Metal and Horror
  • Soundtrack to Your Escape

    Soundtrack to Your Escape

    Sonata of the Screen and Grid is an exposition on film and animation directors’ work and compositional comparison of the musicians and composers who scored them. For this piece we’ll look at the evolution of speculative fiction cinema scores and “Rise of the Synths”, dissecting their flirtation with cyberpunk style synthesizer riffs.

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  • The Mind of a Metahuman

    The Mind of a Metahuman

    What would be the psychological and sociocultural consequences of the emergence of a population of metahumans with a large and infinite variety of traits?

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