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The business of fandom and the fandom of business. Our assembled analysis adjacent to or diving into the nitty-gritty of legality, production and financing.

  • Fenrir and Finality

    Fenrir and Finality

    Final Fantasy VII is a story where the main characters hopelessly battle against a self-proclaimed god who seeks to end the world. Naturally, this pulls inspiration from one of the oldest end-of-the-world scenarios in human history; the Norse myth of Ragnarok.

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  • Sin, Predestination and The Legacy of Kain

    Sin, Predestination and The Legacy of Kain

    A text that discards the whimsy of the previous decades to center on adult themes and antiheroism, Legacy of Kain and its sequel, Soul Reaver are games steeped in the concept of destiny, especially as examined through the lenses of Greek tragedy, the Judeo-Christian Bible, and Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

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  • The Price of Fan Demand

    The Price of Fan Demand

    Much ado has been made about Disney’s management of Star Wars. Regardless of where one’s opinion falls, leadership has made some inarguably dubious choices. But consumer demand has forced art to contort beyond the writer’s intent before… The famous Sherlock may hold the key.

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  • ‘Abandon All Hope’—Akumajo Dracula and Dante’s Divine Comedy
  • ‘All World’s a Stage’—Final Fantasy VI’s Various Influences

    ‘All World’s a Stage’—Final Fantasy VI’s Various Influences

    Each new installment of the franchise introduced generations of gamers to the wide-reaching plots, with stunning visuals, and complex characters. While not as prominent as fan favorites FF7 and FFX, much of this model’s success can be attributed to Final Fantasy V. A landmark synthesis of these elements, FF6 features some deep theatrical and cultural…

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  • Re-Render Bender—Mario to Metroidvania
  • Fresh Painted Pixels: Graphic Recycling, Good and Bad
  • WTFighter: Powerful Franchises, Terrible Games
  • Street Fighter II: Cocaine Alpha-Turbo XXX

    Street Fighter II: Cocaine Alpha-Turbo XXX

    Welcome back to our in-depth look at the evolution and development of graphics and the role graphic art has played in digital media over the past several decades. Today we’ll examine the many, many iterations of the classic game, Street Fighter II, and what they are all about.

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  • Honorable Mentions: Holding Up Like Atlas